Treatments to relax and revive, from head to toe

Whether you wish to feel relaxed, rejuvenated or reenergised, our soothing treatments will restore a sense of harmony to your body, mind and soul.


Our wide range of treatments caters to your individual needs, from reducing fine lines or recuperating from the daily stress of life, to addressing acne-prone skin.


Each massage is devised to address each guests’ desire for a soothing, effective and authentic spa experience. Rest assured you will leave each session with your mind and spirit in perfect harmony.


Achieve the transforming results you desire, whether it’s detoxifying the body for slimming benefits or maintaining that toned bod you worked hard to achieve.

Hair Removal

We provide hair removal treatments that are fast, effective and painless. Options that you can choose based on your comfort and tolerance levels.

Eye Treatments

Rejuvenate and nourish the delicate skin around your eye zone. Beat back dark circles, bags and crow’s feet.


Castelle De Beaute offers makeup consultations, our professionally trained makeup artist will be able to doll you up for any event for or night.


  • Excellence Facial

    So did the treatment work? With just one treatment, my skin was visibly brighter ^^.
    Prescilla recommended that one should do this treatment at least once every 2 weeks to maintain youthful skin.
    I was so confident of the post-treatment glow that I didn’t mind walking out without any makeup on.

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    Amber Lim
    Blogger of
  • I was particularly impressed with the therapist’s extraction skills

    in purging out all the white heads and other impurities without leaving much pain or scarring on my skin.

    In addition, she did a good and thorough extraction job working on

    my T-zone areas and the side of my cheeks where my recurring acne problem occurs.

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    Deenise Glitz
    Blogger of
  • So believe you me when I say,


    I was so so so amazed!!!

    My skin had that “boing boing” feeling and it was so so soft and hydrated – totally in love.

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    Blogger of
  • The results is really amazing!

    Honestly, taking care of our complexion requires consistent effort and facial treatments monthly.

    I’ve only attended one session with Castelle and to see results like this really impressed me!

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    Joycelyn Thiang
    Blogger of
  • The consultant helped me to reach my ideal body shape through the machine called Tripollar RX. With each session, which focused on my tummy and thigh, I felt my shorts become looser and my waist was more defined.
    Madame Teo
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Before & After Results

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